Count Your Blessings Jars

Around this time of year, postings of pictures of these types of jars and what great ideas they are, can be seen all over Facebook:

Thankful Jar

Blessing Jar

I personally like the last one, including the scenery in the background, but would probably add an “s” to the word “blessing”. (I’m optimistic like that, you know. 😉 ) I have an old canning jar that is missing the glass top that I am going to turn into our 2014 Blessings Jar. I said I would do this for 2013 and didn’t, but I am definitely doing it for this coming year.

See, I have been thinking about the past few years. Five or so, actually — maybe more. It seems that we have been saying how glad we are that “this year is finally over!” for too many years and I am sick of having that attitude. I know that in spite of the difficulties, hardships, instability, loss of loved ones, health issues, and all the other challenges we’ve had, we are still showered with so many blessings each year. It just seems that we lose sight of them–perhaps it’s human nature that, no matter how optimistic we try to be, we still tend to remember the negatives more than the positives.  Then, by the time the year is ending, we are just weary with everything and ready to usher the year out so we can move on to the next one with a fresh start and new hope. Then, a quick year later, we repeat ourselves about how glad we are “this year is finally over”.

Well, no more. This year, we will jump on the Blessings Jar bandwagon and I will be encouraging my Southern man, our daughter, and son (when he’s home) to fill up the old canning jar with whatever positive things that we receive or experience: our blessings. My goal is that at this time next year, we won’t have such a negative perception of 2014 and be so quick to move on to the next new year, 2015–yikes!

I’ve learned many things in life, but one thing I learned fairly early is how quickly time passes and that the older one gets, the faster time flies! (Okay, that’s two things.) Just today, one of my aunts up in New Hampshire told me that once we get to be her age and my Mom’s age, time goes by so fast it leaves a breeze. Right now, with one child in college, the other in high school, and all the other changes that have come with this stage of parenting and life, I think any breeze I feel is from my head spinning from all the changes, rather than the breeze from the fast passing of time. So, here’s to a new year, a fresh start, taking time to smell the roses, enjoying the little things, relishing living in the moment, and writing down our blessings for the sake of pleasant memories and a positive close to the year gone-by….


About rebelwife

New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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