Short People Problems

Yesterday, my Southern Man, daughter, and I went to Tractor Supply Company to get our older dog a new, fluffy bed. She’s going to be 12 years-old this month, and needs the extra cushioning for those old bones. TSC is one of my favorite stores with all its farming, ranching, and gardening supplies. Plus, in just a few weeks, it’ll be “Chick Days”. No, that’s not a shopping special for women; it’s when they sell baby chicks and ducklings. They are just SO cute! Someday, I shall have some. I shall.

So the first stop on the way to the dog section was the clothing section. We meandered through the racks and, while I continued browsing through the ladies’ shirts, my Southern Man and daughter moved on to the boot section. A few minutes later, with a blouse in hand, I walked over to join them. Apparently, I was not completely paying attention to my surroundings and hit the top of my head on an object. It hurt bad enough that I thought I had a gash. When I told my Southern Man that I’d hit my head and asked him if it was bleeding, he assured me it wasn’t and asked what I’d hit it on.

“That clothing rack.”

Yes. I’d walked under the jutting-out portion of one of the clothing display racks. The part I walked under was, for my two companions, probably at chest or shoulder level. For me, it was just above my head. Well, almost just above my head, as it turned out. Both he and our daughter started snickering. I just shook my stinging head and went to the dressing room to try on my top and examine my scalp.

This is just one of many problems a short person has to contend with. I was looking for a photo to post here and ended up laughing so hard at all the “Short People Problem” quotes, that I had tears in my eyes. Suffice it to say, this one about sums it up:

ImageThis topic is definitely a “to be continued”….


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New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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