Our little visitor.

Tonight, our daughter arrived home from studying with a friend to find this little greeter by the front door:


A young possum (or opossum as I grew up calling them) had clambered up onto our front steps. Yes, it looks sort of like an overgrown rat, especially with that naked, prehensile tail, but it’s actually a marsupial–like a kangaroo or a wombat or a wallaby or a koala or a Tasmanian devil. Suddenly, I want to watch some Looney Tunes…and have a snack.

Anyway, the poor little guy (girl?) was obviously not well-practiced in the art of playing dead, because it merely hissed once at our daughter’s friend, as it sat huddled at the edge of the landing. After blinding it with the flash on my camera, I turned off the front porch light and we left it alone. A short while later, it had gone on its way. Unless it fell off the steps because all it could see was spots from my camera flash. Sorry, little guy…girl. Opossum. Cute lil bugger, isn’t it?


About rebelwife

New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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