My German Time Bomb

Yesterday, I mentioned that I love clocks, watches, and gears. It brought to mind a clock I had when I was a kid. The first clock I had was an old, pink clock radio–the kind of radio that had glass tubes and had to warm up before it worked–old! I don’t know what ever happened to that, but it was replaced with a little wind-up alarm clock.

I loved that clock! It had an orange metal base and outside with a white face and hands and markings that glowed in the dark. I remember it being German-made. I haven’t been able to find an exact picture of it, but it was very similar to the clock in the first two pictures, but with a face more like that in the second two pictures.

clock1 clock2 clock3clock4

I wish I still had that little clock! While I don’t remember what happened to the pink clock radio, I DO know what happened to my little orange clock…curiosity killed it…my curiosity. I wanted to see what made it tick. (I love the ticking of a clock or watch.) So one day, I opened it up. That was fine. The brass workings were held together between two metal brass plates that were screwed together. I unscrewed them. Little did I know just how jam-packed the inner workings of a clock are;  it literally exploded, minus the big bang. It was like a gear bomb, just waiting to be let go and boy, did it! All those gears, all different sizes and thickness, just went all over the place. There was absolutely no way I could have figured out how to put it all back together. So sadly, I threw it all in the trash. I was not happy with myself. I was also without a clock. I didn’t have one all through the rest of my childhood school career, but still always managed to consistently get up on time. That’s called discipline, folks! Well, except for those one or two occasions where I overslept and had to run after the bus. One time, the bus driver didn’t see me, but the kids did. Talk about humiliating. We lived quite a ways from the school, so I missed that day. Anyway! Moral of the story: if you aren’t a watchmaker or a genius at puzzles, don’t open up any clocks or watches! 🙂


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New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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