Fresh Nap Memories

A few months ago, when cleaning out my car that we were going to sell, I came across a few of these:

Back in the 70’s, these were given out at the seafood restaurants we went to when we were kids. There were two Salisbury, Massachusetts seafood restaurants we would go to: Markey’s and Brown’s, the former is the one we’d frequent more often. Both are still in business and sit across the street from each other, offering, perhaps, some friendly competition. When I found these, I immediately opened one up and the scent took me back to those days of going to the beach and out to eat lobsters and steamers and french fries and ice cream and so on, while we were there. My Mom was the kind of mom who would wash (if needed and possible) and/or re-use plastic sandwich bags, paper lunch bags, and wet nap(kin)s, among other things. I have turned into her, by the way, and get occasional flack for it, especially when I hang the clothes out in somewhat frigid temperatures. (They do freeze-dry a little bit, I swear!) After we ate, Mom would open up a wet nap…one wet nap… and that little 4×6″ piece of lemon-scented paper or whatever it was made of, would make the rounds of the entire family. If you were the last one to get it, it would still have some lemony smell to it, but would almost be completely dry and probably be lightly-scented with other things… like lobsters or steamers or french fries or ice cream and so on. This family-sharing of the wet nap could be one more reason why we all have pretty strong immune systems! On rare occasion, if warranted, a second wet nap would be opened. That was always a treat, especially for the person who usually got the last dibs. (Me.) Anyway, isn’t it something how such a little thing like a wet-nap can evoke memories from long ago? It’s funny that it does, too, since the 70’s were before wipes and hand sanitizers became the norm, as they are today. Nowadays, with everyone slathering themselves up at every turn with all the anti-germ products that exist, instead of using one particular product on the somewhat rare occasion, how many will someday associate it with a special childhood memory? Also, how many don’t have the strong immune systems they might otherwise have? But, that’s another topic. 🙂


About rebelwife

New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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