Still aging….

This past Saturday, I went for a 6-year overdue eye checkup. Yes, I know, SIX years, bad me. I have had readers for the past 6 years and they are sufficient, even though they are only +1.0. Honestly, the only reasons I finally went to get my eyes checked was to be sure there were no early signs of diabetes, which I have a fairly high chance of getting, and to get glasses for driving at night and/or in bad weather. Oh, and also for shooting. I hit where I aim, but it would be nice to actually SEE it clearly.

Last I knew, I was very slightly nearsighted with an astigmatism in one eye. As it turned out, there was no sign of diabetes, which I figured, and I am not nearsighted, which I didn’t figure. However, I now have an astigmatism in both eyes, so I went ahead and got my “2 pairs of glasses and a free eye exam for $69.95″. When the doctor asked me if I wanted bifocals, I said, ” No, I’m not ready for those, yet.” Call it vanity, pride, denial, whatever…silly me. Two pairs of UV-coated, anti glare, single-vision glasses later, I was out almost $250…yeah, $69.95 was just for the two frames. However, since my Southern Man had already been through all this, I was not completely taken by surprise by the cost.

This evening, I got the call saying my glasses were ready. I went to get them and when I tried them on and looked at my reflection in the mirror, my closeup vision was even blurrier than usual. I figured it was just how it goes when you are farsighted and put glasses on for distance. My Southern Man confirmed that is, indeed, the case, as he has a similar issue when he wears his fairly strong prescription contact lenses and tries to read. (He needs readers, too.) My distance vision, while not bad before, is just fine-tuned enough that I will be able to see better when driving at night or in inclement weather.

I got home and it didn’t take long for me to figure something out: I probably should have swallowed my vanity, pride, denial, and gotten bifocals. Ugh. I’m still not ready to swallow that pill. However, seeing that I now have FOUR pairs of glasses, two for reading and two for distance, and that I already mixed up two of them in the first 20 minutes I was home…next time I get my eyes checked, I will get bifocals. Ugh. However, I REFUSE to get the ones with the lines because they just scream, “I AM GETTING OLD AND MY EYES ARE POOPING OUT!” Of course, the next time I get my eyes checked, maybe I won’t have to contend with vanity, pride, or denial. A lot can happen in the next six years…. 😁

Oh, yes, it’s been almost 8 months since my last post! That’s when our dinosaur of a computer pooped out. It was ooooold. We have yet to replace it, in part because I got this nifty tablet right after it died on us. I have been hesitant to blog on this thing, though, because it can be so touchy! However, I miss blogging, so I went for it. Nowhere near as bad as I anticipated. I will have to figure out the picture posting aspect, etc., but until we get our next computer or laptop, this will have to do. 😀


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New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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