Women, Pancakes, and Roadkill

Last night, I saw something announcing that today was “International Women’s Day”. I like to joke about all these national and international days of you-name-it. I don’t recall there being so many days of recognition prior to the rise of social media. Of course, there are a lot of things that I don’t recall happening or existing prior to the rise of social media. Conversely, there are a lot of things that have stopped happening since prior to the rise of social media. Thing like common sense, respecting others, not saying something unless it’s nice or unless you have the guts to say it to someone’s face (ties into the respecting others), the ability to delve into research, watch news, read, or otherwise find ways to educate ourselves. Isn’t it ironic that we have a world of knowledge at our fingertips, yet so many of us seem more ignorant and lacking in knowledge than ever before? And can’t seem to figure out where to find information? Unless, of course, it’s somehow celebrity-related. I could do a whole week on this subject, which really fires me up, but I was setting out to do a lighthearted post, especially since I’ve been feeling rather punchy, today, and just ate some chocolate. So back to it.

Today is International Women’s Day. I mentioned/joked about it on Facebook and one of the comments was from my son, who is now of legal age to drink and will occasionally send me a photo of a cool beer he’s trying or ask my advice on wine or cooking. Anyway, he mentioned that it is also National Pancake Day. Darn it, I missed another special day of recognizing /celebrating something mundane!(Last time, it was pizza.) I had cereal for breakfast, today! Had I only known. The only pancakes I saw were on the roads and they were of the roadkill variety, which got me to thinking. Yep, look out, that can be a twisted journey. Are you ready?

Living up North, it was commonplace (just a warning, I’m talking about roadkill for a bit), especially at certain times of the year–mating season,for example–for there to be skunks on the road that had been flattened like pancakes. Lovely, aromatic, taste-the-stench-it’s-so-bad-and-nearly-gag pancakes. I won’t go into the ocular description; olfactory is more than sufficient. I got to thinking about this because I had just read my son’s comment about National Pancake Day as I was heading out onto the road to run some errands and, as usual, there was a flattened, formerly cute and furry creature on the road. And I got to thinking about how there’s rarely, if ever, any skunks. HOWEVER, there are plenty of other formerly cute and furry creatures, I’m sad to say, including, I’m even sadder to say, more domestic animals than I’ve ever seen in my life. But that’s another topic that fires me up, so back to lighthearted, if one can be lighthearted about roadkill. I suppose one can, as there are restaurants dedicated to making light of roadkill called Roadkill Cafe. I wonder if they still exist? Hold on, let me check…. Yes, they do. Don’t worry, they don’t actually serve roadkill. At least not the one we went to in New Hampshire, years ago. Although, there are whole websites and probably books devoted to the topic of collecting and cooking roadkill. Honestly, if I hit a deer and it died, yes, we would get it processed and consume it. However, unlike some people, apparently, I am not going to go out and scour the roads for my next meal.

Back to my twisted thought process. So we don’t seem to have many skunks, down here, based on the road pancakes. However, there are lot of what my Southern Man calls “possum on the half-shell”: armadillos. They are apparently just as bright as skunks when it comes to crossing the road. Thankfully, they are not nearly as fragrant as skunks, but then, what is? Funny, when I lived down here in the early 90’s, I don’t ever recall seeing armadillo roadkill back then. Maybe they’ve got less common sense with the advent of social media, as well? Actually, I looked up an image and found an interesting web page that contains information about armadillos, as well as several recipes that I will probably never use. But I will link to it for your edification and amusement, just click the pic.


I also found a really cute (not a roadkill one) skunk picture. There are many varieties of skunks, but these are the ones we have up North. If you click on this pic, there is information about them, but no recipes, although there are recipes out there. I’m telling you, people will eat pretty much anything. Some people.


Anyway, that is the end of my random thought journey for today. I hope if you are an International Woman, whatever that is, you had a lovely day. If you’re a man, international or national, sorry, your day isn’t until November and I’m not sure if it’s an international day or just local here to the United States, where everything has its (safe) place. Have a lovely evening or new day, depending on where you live. As for myself, I’m about to have a glass of wine and contemplate what I shall cook for supper. It will not be pancakes. Or roadkill.


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New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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