Dash Away

My daughter often gets annoyed when she’s with me and I stop to take pictures of random things. I must admit, though, I’ve never taken a picture of a plunger head and a piece of broken tile in an aisle in Wally World. But there is a story behind the picture…well, before it, actually.

FullSizeRender (1)

A minute or so earlier, we had passed a somewhat frazzled mom with a couple kids, a boy and a girl. The boy caught our attention because as he was passing a display, he had apparently pressed a plunger he was carrying up against a sign, creating some impressive suction. When he removed the plunger and it made that suction-releasing sound, he laughed a laugh that could only be described as all-boy. It was rather mischievous-sounding, too; impish. It reminded me of the laugh that little boys will do when they either discover something cool that they didn’t expect to happen or are proud that it did. It also sparked a memory of another little boy with that perfect laugh as I’ve described: Dash from the movie “The Incredibles”. I found the clip of that laugh–hopefully, it won’t get blacked out by the powers-that-be:

THAT is the perfect, impish this-is-SO-cool boy laugh, is it not?

My daughter and I were still laughing about the boy with the plunger, when we turned into an aisle to grab some trash bags and that’s when we saw a plunger head on the floor with a piece of broken tile that SOME little boy had obviously had the surprised pleasure of suctioning up. That must’ve been one heavy-duty plunger! I can only imagine the awe of the boy at his unexpected and amazing feat and the dismayed reaction of the mom . I think anyone that has been around children, especially boys, knows that feeling of dismay.

My daughter and I had already been laughing, but when we saw this little scene, we were even more amused. And I had to take a picture and write a blog post. After all, it’s these little, unexpected things in life that can make it more interesting and, at times, amusing, don’t you think? Unless, of course, it is your own child that does stuff, then it’s only amusing in retrospect or if you can separate yourself from parenthood and get a different perspective. I think we’ve all been there, too, hanging up the stern parent hat and remembering what it’s like to be an innocent, mischievous child full of wonder at the simplest things, at least I know I have. There were times when I just couldn’t help it because the situation was so humorous, that I couldn’t keep a straight face or hadn’t turned around quickly enough to hide my amusement.

We should all try to keep that childlike wonder in our hearts and the sense of humor to find the lighthearted side of life. I’m sure that mom has it…but when we saw her, I think she was too busy trying to dash out of the store with her own little Dash before he destroyed something else. 🙂


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