And so it begins…the end….

This evening I will be attending the first of several events leading up to our daughter’s graduation, in this case, an awards ceremony. As I was driving to pick her up from school, today, I remembered that she only has nine days of actual school left. I was thinking I should say to her, “Only NINE days left!” when she got in the car. Then my mind went to her going to college and my vivid imagination showed a lovely scene of leaving her there at the dorm and driving off and, yes, the tears kicked in. Boy, am I in trouble when that day finally arrives!

It was hard when our son went to college, too, but it’s different with our daughter. First, she’s a girl and I just think that’s harder, especially with all the scary things out there in the world that one sees and reads about. Second, she’s the last one! No more kids in the house. Plus, she’s my buddy. Yes, I’m a Mom, first, and sometimes things are not always pleasant when I’m being “the MOM” or as my daughter will address me when she’s annoyed, “MOTHER” (to which I often reply, “DAUGHTER”), but we’re also pretty close. She even wrote a college essay about me being the most influential person in her life and told me that through all of our moves and different schools, I have always been the constant and am her best friend. Wow. Yes, I cried at these things, too. Not bawling, just tears, you know. Probably hormonally-driven or so I like to say. Perhaps not.

Anyway, I knew this year was going to be a challenging one with many changes that we knew were coming (and a couple that we didn’t), and I knew I was going to have a harder time than I’d like to admit, tears and all, but I wasn’t expecting it to start so soon! Maybe by the time we drop her off at her college dorm in August, I will have met my “tear quota” and there won’t be any left. Hmmm…it doesn’t work that way, does it?



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New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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