Life with Jules, Season 24, Episode ??

So I decided to wash our pillows, this afternoon. I put 2 of them in the front-loader washing machine and after the cycle was done, went to get them out to put in the dryer. Mine was pretty wet, but my Southern Man’s was…soaked! I could wring it out, there was so much water!

So I put them both back in on just a drain and spin cycle which, in spite of supposedly being just “drain and spin”, also puts a little water in there. Why? I don’t know. After it was done, I went to get them out and my pillow was better, but his was still SOAKED! I could wring it out, there was so much water!

So I put mine in the dryer and his on a second “drain and spin” with a little water cycle. After it was done, I went to get it out…but his was STILL SOAKED!!! I could wring it out, there was so much water! This after THREE spin cycles, if you include the original one.

So I grabbed the huge stainless steel bowl I got from my grandmother that I use for things like washing gallons of strawberries, tossing popcorn, and carrying dripping-wet pillows in, and went out the back door to wring it out as best I could, so I could then put it in the dryer. Unfortunately, it was very bulky and awkward to wring out, plus the case material was obviously partially waterproof because it was NOT cooperating in letting the water out.

So I decided to let it air-dry on top of our clothes drying rack. Since I had no shoes on and our landlord had removed the gutters, which had been full of soggy dirt, decaying leaves and probably lots of bugs, I hadn’t swept, yet, and I was barefoot, I figured it was close enough to the deck that I could just gently toss it onto the top of the lines and leave it to dry, overnight.

So I gently tossed it onto the top of the clotheslines, which apparently had more slack than I was aware and the pillow snuck through the lines and fell onto the dirty, grassy area underneath the clothesline.

So after maybe saying a few not-so-nice words, I went inside, put on my shoes, went back outside, picked up the soaked, freshly-laundered, dirty pillow and placed it gently on top of the clothes drying rack. It’s still there.

All by its lonesome. In the dark. Soaked. It looks so pitiful, I almost feel guilty.

Meanwhile, back inside, I found an old spare pillow and, unbeknownst to himself, my Southern Man is using that until I can buy him a new one. Mischievous person that I am (you may decide on a different adjective), I did not tell him about the pillow mishap. I want to see if he notices. If I tell him, he will notice, even if it’s not noticeable. If he comments or seems uncomfortable, I will confess. Maybe. If he doesn’t, I will say nothing and we’ll see if he still reads my blog posts.

Stay tuned for the next episode. Always an adventure with me, no matter how trifling. 🙂

Addendum: He’s already in bed and I asked if he was comfy. He said he was. So all is well until he gets a new pillow. Or reads this….


About rebelwife

New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.
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