Elephants, and tigers, and…stuff.

There exists a lull in the United States during the spring and summer months, specifically in regards to…football!! Regardless of the absence of live games (there are plenty of game reruns), one cannot escape whatever rivalry exists in your state or area of the country. Here in Alabama it is, of course, The University of Alabama vs Auburn University. Alabama vs Auburn. Crimson Tide vs…Tigers. Roll Tide vs War Eagle! There are also probably some derogatory terms that each side “affectionately” labels the other, but I don’t know of many and wouldn’t go there, anyway. So even thought it isn’t football season, you never truly get away from it. Reminders, should you need them, are everywhere. Ev.Er.EEE. Where. You see people wearing hats, shorts, t-shirts, and tank tops. You see the license plates, car stickers, car flags, yard flags, and so on. There’s even one house I know of that has a giant Alabama “A” in its front yard, made of white pebbles.


Ground-level view, courtesy of Anniston Star.

And the satellite view:

FullSizeRender (4).jpg

Alabama “Nascar” Lines 😛

Is that not impressive? And maybe just a little strange? Pretty cool, regardless. If this house ever sells, I wonder if a stipulation is you have to be an Alabama fan? It probably goes without saying.

I have made several comments that one can pretty much sell anything, down here, if it’s either Alabama or Auburn-related. I really think that’s true. I’ve seen the evidence and have the proof. On my last trip to Calhoun Pickers, I took all those pictures, remember? My Calhoun Pickers Pictures. Well, here are just a few of the things I saw that illustrate my point:

Obviously, that is the Auburn University collection. Here are some University of Alabama items:

Personally, I prefer the Alabama ones, partly because that’s who I root for and partly because I really like the “A” made out of the license plates. There are many more example of these types of crafts, including bird houses made out of either Alabama or Auburn plates that I saw on another visit. This particular visit was a short one and I only got through about half the building. You get the idea, though, right? It’s everywhere. My favorite that I saw on this visit, though, is this cute, little guy:

IMG_0989 (2).JPG

Who doesn’t love little garden gnome statues? He’s just so adorable, isn’t he? Well, maybe an Auburn fan would disagree. Which brings me to one last thing–the latest meme on an Alabama Facebook page:




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