It’s been 2 months….

Well, almost two months since I last blogged. A lot can happen in two months! There was our trip to New England, then a couple weeks later, we dropped our daughter off at college, then a couple weeks later, we moved to another home across town! I think my head is still spinning. Since I don’t have all my pictures on this laptop, I’ll have to blog more about some of this at a later time.

Our trip was wonderful, as always, minus the drive, of course. I wish teleportation was real, sometimes, but there are always a few good memories made on the trek up and down, which the instantaneous nature of teleportation would not afford. 😉 A couple weeks later, we took our daughter off to college and spent a few hours getting her all settled in. I teared up a little, as I drove away, all by myself. (My Southern Man had already left in a separate vehicle. We needed two because of the dorm fridge.) BUT–I didn’t cry! I was actually a lot better than I thought I’d be…until 1:15 that morning. Then I sat in the bathroom and silently sobbed, so as not to awaken my Southern Man, who had to get up early. Fortunately, my sister-in-law is even more of a night owl than I am, so I messaged her and our little chat helped me get a hold of myself.

I was fine the next day (minus the puffy, ugly-cry face aftermath), until my Southern Man returned from his archery tournament. It took place within a half hour from the college, so he had visited our daughter, again, at her request. When he got home, he gave me a hug from her and I fell apart. However, as I was telling a friend just last week, that was it. I hadn’t cried, since. Too busy. That and I am sometimes quite adept at pushing emotions to the back of my mind–or at least the thoughts that would evoke them. Until two days ago. I was watching a show and there was a lot of crying and sadness, which almost always gets to me. So I joined in and then started crying a bit more than usual at a mere tv show. Yesterday, I was petting our older dog, Nala, and started crying, again. Poor Nala is going on fifteen and although she still has pep, she’s also losing weight, not always eating all of her food, and I know it’s just a matter of time. Later that night, my daughter and I were texting. When I told her I’d had a couple of emotional days, she asked me why and I replied, “Just stuff that catches up to me. Homesick, missing family and friends, wanna get away, Nala’s gonna die, etc.” She chuckled at that last part, not because our dog dying is funny, just how I said everything.

This empty nest thing is harder than I thought, even with the phone calls, texting, and Facebook posts. Of course, we also have a new nest, smaller, but no rotting or mold issues and far more efficient with regards to insulation and utilities–thank God for that! I’ve hardly had any allergy issues–hallelujah! It makes a huge difference when you actually feel well and don’t have headaches and watery eyes, more often than not. The house is smaller, but in a nicer area, backed up to a cow pasture with the Talladega National Forest within sight. Nice! The dogs don’t care for it, though, with our younger one being terrified of the cows. This is amusing, considering she’s half-Blue Heeler–a cattle dog, for those of you who don’t know. Apparently, other than running circles around you and occasionally stepping on your heels as she follows you, she has no other Blue Heeler character traits! We will have to build them a pen, as we do live on what can be a busy road with people driving faster than the 45 mph limit. Eventually, I will see if I can train her to a wireless, electric fence. That should be interesting!

So that’s why I haven’t blogged much. Just plain busy! I’ve still got some unpacking to do, but it’s mostly organizing and sifting through “stuff” to either pack up for the kids or get rid of. I don’t know about you, but getting rid of stuff–simplifying, downsizing, whatever you want to call it–feels really good to me. Donating it also feels good. I could probably make a few bucks having a yard sale, but I honestly don’t feel it’s worth my time to sit for hours from 7 or 8 in the morning in 80-90+ degree heat, just to haggle with strangers who want to pay you a quarter for something you’ve asked $2 for. No, thank you! So off it goes to a local place that could use that quarter, although hopefully people aren’t as cheap and don’t haggle when it’s for a good cause. Granted, I’m not getting rid of everything we have, but I am letting go of some things I’ve held onto for no real good reason other than pure nostalgia.

Once the weather cools down and I can open windows–which actually do open at this house and keep nature out, for the most part–I will be painting the inside of this house. The way the weather has been, I figure that may be in November. It’s been ridiculously hot, considering the time of year. It’s Alabama, go figure. Still, I miss my cool New England autumn weather, which is already starting, up there. Those crisp nights! The nights here have been beautiful, though, especially with the moon waxing to full and being exceptionally bright over the fields. The air has been quite balmy, with a light breeze. If we had a screened in porch, I’d be out there every night, but…bugs. That will be another one of our projects. This home is just another rental, but the friends to whom it belongs told us we could do whatever we want. So, perhaps a back porch or at least deck or patio. Maybe a gazebo? I guess time will tell.

For now, I’ve got enough on my plate! All these changes. Change can be good, but it can also get tiring. Moving so many times has become tiring. Another friend of mine called me the other evening and she said that she didn’t know how I have done it, all this moving. She and her family recently moved into another house for the first time in many years and it’s not easy. Since I’ve been married, we’ve moved at least ten times. You’d think we were a military family. Granted, sometimes it’s only been across town, but it’s still moving. I won’t even tell you how many times I moved after leaving home to go to college until I got married. Let’s just say, it’s been quite the nomadic life. Granted, back in college I could fit all my worldly possessions into one vehicle; not so much, anymore! Speaking of which, I suppose I should get a little something done, today. I have hundreds of books to pore through and either save, display, or donate. There’s also a housefly in here that keeps buzzing my head. Quite annoying. The hunt is on…now, just where is that fly swatter?


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