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New England wife of a Southern man relocated back to Alabama.

Brrrr, it’s hot outside!

Wow, July is almost over–can you believe how fast time flies? It’s been a very wet and fairly hot summer which my allergies and adipose deposits (from lack of outdoor activity due to heat intolerance) have thoroughly taken advantage of. … Continue reading

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Can you read me now?

My Dad passed away going on eight years ago. I think of him on a daily basis for a reason that is somewhat humorous. If he could see me from up above, he’d probably laugh and shake his head with an … Continue reading

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Titles are over-rated….

Honestly, if I was writing a book (which I know it may seem like, sometimes), then a title would be necessary and expected. For a blog post, though? I get tired of thinking up titles and sometimes put “Random Thoughts” … Continue reading

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Just random thoughts….

Random thoughts–I have lots of those! Lately, I’ve been thinking about…Christmas! Yes, I am one of those who loves all things Christmas, regardless of the time of year. While I don’t like to see the commercial world taking advantage of my … Continue reading

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It’s been 2 months….

Well, almost two months since I last blogged. A lot can happen in two months! There was our trip to New England, then a couple weeks later, we dropped our daughter off at college, then a couple weeks later, we moved … Continue reading

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Here are more photos I took of items from the Calhoun Pickers place. I’m posting these because we are going on another road trip to New England, shortly, and many of these items remind me of things from my New England heritage, whether … Continue reading

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Elephants, and tigers, and…stuff.

There exists a lull in the United States during the spring and summer months, specifically in regards to…football!! Regardless of the absence of live games (there are plenty of game reruns), one cannot escape whatever rivalry exists in your state … Continue reading

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